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Why Switch?

It's Easy to Go Green with Cincinnati Bell Energy.

Reliable Service: Duke Energy will continue to deliver electricity to your home, read your meter and provide you with support and maintenance.

One Simple Bill: You will still receive and pay only one bill from Duke Energy. The only change you'll notice is Cincinnati Bell Energy listed as your supplier!

Going Green: You'll do your part just by choosing electricity that comes from wind power and is better for the environment.

Easy to Enroll: It takes less than 5 minutes to enroll. Simply grab your latest utility bill to make the switch today.

Q. Who is Cincinnati Bell Energy?

CBE is a competitive energy supplier authorized by the PUCO to provide retail natural gas and electricity service in Ohio.

Q. What makes Cincinnati Bell Energy different from other energy suppliers?

We provide 100% green electricity at affordable prices. Unlike other energy service providers who charge a premium for green, Cincinnati Bell Energy accepts a lower profit in order to make our product affordable to customers. We are also proud to offer natural gas services for a complete energy solution for our customers.

Q. What are the benefits of choosing Cincinnati Bell Energy as my electricity supplier?

You will save on your electric rate by switching to 100% green energy. With our electric service, you will be helping the environment without having to use less energy or pay more for going green.

Q. What are the benefits of choosing Cincinnati Bell Energy as my gas supplier?

When you choose Cincinnati Bell Energy as your energy supplier for both your electricity and your natural gas, you are taking advantage of clean, simple and reliable service for all your energy needs.

Q. Will I have to get a new meter or any new equipment?

No. You will not have to make any purchases or changes to the system you currently have. You will keep the meter you have always had and it will be read the same way and on the same cycle. No physical or logistical changes are required because the utility still delivers your electricity and natural gas.

Q. If I switch, will my reliability be affected?

No. Competitive retail energy service providers like us are just as reliable as the traditional utility (Duke Energy) independent suppliers are licensed and monitored by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.

Q. How can Cincinnati Bell Energy's rate be lower than the utility's?

Deregulation allows competitive retail energy suppliers like Cincinnati Bell Energy to buy energy wholesale and pass the savings along to customers.

Q. Will Duke be hurt or upset if I switch?

No. The relationship between the utility and the supplier is not competitive. In deregulated markets, utilities and suppliers work together to provide customers with reliable supply and delivery.

Q. What happens if I move?

To move your service to a new address, simply call Duke Energy to move your service and get your new account number. Once you have your new account number, contact Cincinnati Bell Energy to reenroll with your new account and service address.

Q. What is the 10% saving offer?

The 10% savings plan is for Cincinnati Bell Energy’s ("CBE") variable rate plan offered in the Duke Energy Ohio service area. The 10% savings plan applies to your first 12 months of service with CBE. CBE guarantees you will save at least 10% each month on your electricity and/or natural gas supply costs compared to the Duke Energy "Price to Compare" Rate. There are no further guarantees after the first 12 months. You can terminate at any time without a termination fee. CBE's rate for both electricity and natural gas apply to the supply portion of your bill only.

Q. What does it mean when my bill says 'price to compare'?

Price to compare is listed right on your utility bill and is a product of the amount of kWh you have used during the billing cycle and the charge or rate per kWh. This number is helpful when comparing value offered by a third party supplier like Cincinnati Bell Energy.

Q. Can I still use a budget plan?

If you are on a budget billing plan with Duke Energy Ohio, you are still eligible to enroll with Cincinnati Bell Energy for low-cost green energy. After you switch to Cincinnati Bell Energy, your monthly budgeted amount will remain the same. At your regularly-scheduled "true-up" date with Duke Energy, you will realize your Cincinnati Bell Energy savings over the utility. It is advisable to call the utility fully understand how your budget billing will be impacted.

Q. Can I enroll if I am receiving government assistance on my energy costs?

Customers currently on a Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) are not eligible to enroll with any competitive retail electricity service provider, including CBE. If you are currently enrolled with PIPP, your CBE enrollment will not be processed. However, customers enrolled in other government assistance programs such as HEAP, WCP, SCP, HWAP and others ARE eligible to enroll with Cincinnati Bell Energy. Your stipend will not decrease as a result of your enrollment with an alternative provider. If you are enrolled in any government assistance programs and have additional questions about your eligibility, you should contact your representative with the program. It is always safest to call Duke if you are receiving financial assistance to fully understand how your bill will be impacted.

Q. How do I enroll?

You can enroll online, over the phone, or in any of Cincinnati Bell's retail locations. We need to know your basic contact information and your unique account number, which is 11 digits and can be found easily on any of your utility bills from Duke Energy.

Q. Does it cost anything to enroll for electricity

No. Enrollment is free. Cincinnati Bell Energy does not have any sign-up fees, cancellation fees, or hidden fees anywhere in the process.

Q. Does it cost anything to enroll for natural gas?

Your enrollment with Cincinnati Bell Energy is free. We do not have any sign-up fees, cancellation fees, or hidden fees anywhere in the process. However, if you are currently with a supplier other than Duke Energy for your natural gas supply, Duke Energy will charge you a $4 switch fee to enroll with another supplier. This fee is charged by Duke and will appear on your regular bill.

Q. Can I cancel my service with Cincinnati Bell Energy at any time?

Yes, both variable and fixed rate customers can cancel at anytime without penalty.

Q. How will I be billed?

You will continue to receive one bill from Duke Energy each month. You will now see Cincinnati Bell Energy listed, along with our rate, in the supply portion of your bill. Duke Energy will continue to bill for your service and delivery charges. If you wish to change your current payment method, you can do so by contacting the utility.

Q. How long will it take for my service to be switched?

Once Duke Energy accepts your enrollment, it will take 1 to 2 billing cycles for your service to switch over.

Q. How can I check the status of my enrollment?

You can check the status of your enrollment anytime at

Q. What is deregulation and what has it changed?

Prior to the 1990s, every state in the US regulated its electric industry. There was only one company (the local utility) that was responsible for providing all components of your energy service. Today, your energy service is divided into two components: supply and delivery. Under deregulation, your local utility continues to manage the delivery, but supply has been opened to competition from suppliers, like Cincinnati Bell Energy, to buy energy in the wholesale markets and then sell it to customers like you.

Q. Who do I call if I have problems with my service?

If you have any problems with your service, you will still contact Duke. They remain responsible for the delivery of your energy, as well as any necessary maintenance and repairs to any lines or meters. The utility also still provides billing so you will call them for any questions about your bill. You can contact Duke Energy at 1-800-544-6900.

Q. What is Brown Energy?

Burning a finite resource such as coal and/or gas creates energy that is considered "brown" as opposed to "green" or sustainable. Creating energy using these finite resources releases more pollutants into the environment compared to using renewable sources such as wind and solar.

Q. What is a REC?

REC stands for Renewable Energy Certificate. Each certificate represents proof that one megawatt hour of electricity has been generated from a renewable source. Suppliers like Cincinnati Bell Energy purchase RECs to meet mandatory and voluntary renewable energy requirements. The revenue a renewable generator receives from REC sales provides financial support to the facility and ultimately drives renewable energy development in the US.

Where are your RECs purchased?

Cincinnati Bell Energy offers 100% wind power. This means that when you make the switch, you can be comfortable knowing that you are supporting more green energy flowing onto the energy grid as a whole.

Can I really impact the environment?

Yes, you can. Each customer who signs up with Cincinnati Bell Energy is part of the collective and measurable impact we have on the environment. We are proud of the aggregate environmental impact Cincinnati Bell Energy customers are making in our region, and you can find regular updates about the impact you are having on our website.

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