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By choosing clean electricity, you can reduce the largest source of industrial air pollution in the U.S. Cincinnati Bell's electricity is 100% green energy sources from regionally-produced wind power. Do something positive for the environment today that leaves a lasting impact for future generations.

Choosing to support renewable energy not only means you are helping to do something better for the environment, but also means you are choosing to support many widespread benefits of greener standards. Some of these benefits include:

  • Environmental improvement
  • Increased diversity and security of energy supply
  • Decreased dependence on foreign fuel
  • Lower natural gas prices
  • Reduced volatility of power prices
  • Local economic development

What Makes CBE's Energy Green?

Cincinnati Bell Energy electricity is a renewable energy product, 100% sourced from American wind. Energy products like CBE's are considered "green" or "renewable" because they're backed by Renewable Energy Certificates, or RECs. A renewable generator, such as a wind turbine owner, uses a REC as measurable proof that he or she has generated a certain amount of clean power.

Suppliers like CBE then purchase the REC from the generator in order to make their energy "green." If a product is 100% renewable, like Cincinnati Bell Energy, then the supplier has to purchase the amount of RECs equal to the amount of energy their customers have used.

This market structure allows the local windmill generator to produce green energy, which in turn goes into the pool of electricity sources that make up the grid that carries electricity into your home — making the process of energy production and consumption cleaner and less harmful.

Where is the Wind Energy Produced?

CBE's wind energy is generated from in a national transmission grid, from which Duke Energy customers receive electricity.

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