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Having problems receiving email?

Having problems receiving email? Review the following list of solutions. Chances are you can find your answer here. 

Check POP Settings: If you use an email client like Microsoft® Outlook Express or Netscape® Messenger, make sure POP settings are set to To view an online tutorial that includes instructions on viewing and changing pop setting click here. 

Check mailbox size: Each Cincinnati Bell email account has a 50 MB limit. This means, when added together, email in all folders (including Sent and Trash folders) may not exceed 50 MB. Once your mailbox exceeds this limit, incoming email will be returned to the sender. To make sure your mailbox remains under the 50 MB limit, save email to your local hard drive and/or permanently delete it from the server by emptying your email Trash folder/bin. 

If you are using a POP3 mail client (e.g., Outlook Express), your email is already being saved to your Inbox or other folders you have set up. If you primarily access your email via Fuse WebMail, you will need to save your messages to your hard drive.  

Check attachment size: To optimize email traffic for all of our subscribers, Fuse rejects email with attachments 10 MB or larger. If someone sends you an email with an attachment over 10 MB, it will not be placed in your Inbox. If currently using an email client like Microsoft® Outlook Express or Netscape® Messenger, log in to Fuse WebMail and delete the 10 MB+ email, then try downloading email again.

Check if email was sent to large group: The sender may have tried to send an email to a very large list of recipients. To help protect subscribers from unsolicited commercial email (SPAM), many ISPs restrict the number of recipients users may have for a single email. So, the email may have never been actually sent. If you know the email was sent to a large group, you may need to ask the sender to resend the email to you directly or to a smaller group of recipients. 

NOTE: The recipient limit for Fuse subscribers is 49.

Check email forwarding: You may have set up your mailbox to forward your messages to another mailbox, then discard the messages. If you are forwarding email from another mail service (e.g. Hotmail, YahooMail) to your Fuse account, you may need to check your forwarding settings on that account.