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How do I self-install my Zyxel 3415 Gateway?

Locate your data jack. It will look like one of these examples:
* If you are using an inside ONT (Optical Network Terminal), you will locate this unit instead of a data jack. This is installed where fiber wiring enters your home, and likely mounted to a basement wall; alternately in an office or closet.

1. Plug one end of the yellow Ethernet cable into your data jack, and the other into the ZyXEL 3415's blue Ethernet/WAN port. 

2. Plug your ZyXEL 3415 power supply into your unit, and a nearby wall outlet. 

3. If you are connecting to printers, hardwired PCs, etc., you will connect your Ethernet cables from those devices into these yellow Ethernet ports. 

4. Your Internet light will turn solid green when start-up is complete. You are now connected to the Internet. 

Follow the attached instructions to guide you through the self-install process. Click here to open. 

Visit here to setup your wireless network. Visit here to setup your guest Wi-Fi network.

Watch this self-install video to guide you through the process of installing your new Gateway.