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How do I block calls?

When the call block feature is activated on your account you can block calls from numbers that are on your Call Block list.

To Activate:

  1. Pick up phone handset and listen for dial tone.
  2. Press *60 (rotary customers dial 11 instead of *).
  3. Listen to the recorded instructions. The recorded instructions will tell you to press "0" to hear the instructions. The instructions will give you options on how to add, remove or review the numbers on your list. They will also tell you how to add your last caller. If you are a new subscriber to this service or have not entered any numbers on your Call Block list, you will be instructed to add one in order to turn on the service.
To Add the Last Incoming Caller to Your Call Block List:
  1. Dial *60
  2. Press the #(rotary customer dial 12 instead of #)
  3. Press 01 (rotary customer dial 12 instead of #)
  4. Press #, (rotary customer dial 12 instead of #), the system will repeat back to you the number unless your caller has used a privacy option.

To Deactivate:

Customers can turn their Call Block service on and off by pressing "3" after they use the *60 activation code.