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I don't have dial tone, what do I do?

This may be caused by a problem with the internal wiring in your home or business, the phone jack, or the phone itself.

If the dial tone is missing from all phones, there may be an issue with your internal wiring. To test this, connect your phone directly to the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) or to the main jack/phone box in your home.

If you hear a dial tone, there may be an issue with the internal wiring. Call Technical Support at 513-565-9890. Charges may apply to resolve internal wiring issues.

If the dial tone is missing from one or some of the phones, there may be an issue with a phone jack. Test this by plugging the affected phones into different, working phone jacks.
If you are able to get a dial tone by plugging the affected phone into a different jack, the original jack is most likely defective.

To have a jack repaired in your home, contact Technical Support at 513-565-9890 and request a visit from a technician.
If you still experience the problem with a different jack, the phone is probably the issue and will likely need to be repaired or replaced. Contact the manufacturer for further assistance.