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Why can't I change my email preferences?

If you have received a message from Cincinnati Bell stating the following:

In order to update your email preferences, you must be connected to a Cincinnati Bell internet connection. If you need additional support please visit our help center by clicking here

For your security, email preference settings are only enabled while you are connected to a local Cincinnati Bell network. This is useful in minimizing spam and fraudulent behavior on your account without your consent.

Additional Questions below: 
  • Why do I have to be on a Cincinnati Bell internet connection to update my email preferences/self-care page?
    • This is to give the user another layer of security to protect your email account from being compromised by a 3rd party.
  • Will I ever be able to access this site from a non-Cincinnati Bell connection?
    • You can access your email inbox from any Internet connection; however, in order to update secret questions, passwords, etc. you must be connected to a Cincinnati Bell Internet connection.