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How do I set up my Guest Wi-Fi on my Zyxel 3415?

1. Open your Internet browser and type in  Once you type this in, it will allow access to the Zyxel Router User Interface. 

2. Next, login by using:
    -Username: admin
    -Password: labeled on the back of the router titled “Administrator Password" 

3. Next, at the bottom of the screen, locate NETWORK SETTINGS and hover over until a menu pops up.  Select WIRELESS.

4. Next, select GUEST WIFI tab at the top.

5. Click the checkbox to enable GUEST WIFI. You are able to leave the default network name and password there if you would prefer.


6.  If you want to change them, follow these steps:
     A. In the GUEST WIFI tab, click edit under the ACTION heading.
     B. In the GUEST WIFI name field, enter the name you would like to assign to your network (i.e. – Smith’sHomeWifi)
     C. Next, enter your desired password (must be between 8-63 characters, upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters to ensure it is secure.)
     D. Click the desired Time Period Duration for GUEST WIFI.
     E. Select, SAVE.