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How do I program my remote to control other devices?

The remote control that we provide with your set-top box is a universal remote. This means that it can be programmed to control a variety of devices. At the time of installation, our technician programmed the remote to work with your television. The remote comes with a set of universal codes for various manufacturers.  If you need to find the code specific to your TV, Bluray, DVD, or other device, please visit this website and click on "code finder" under the remote control image to find your device code.  

Once you receive your device code, you will follow the Code Entry steps as follows:

Turn on your equipment and follow the steps below to set up your remote.

Be sure to point the remote at your equipment during setup

1. Press the mode key for the device type you wish to setup.
2. Press and hold SETUP until the mode key blinks twice
3. Using the digit keys on the remote, enter the code shown in the code finder above.
4. Test the remote to confirm that it controls your device as expected. If it does not, try again using the next code listed.

 NOTE: You can locate your remote's model number on the back of the remote, near the top.

Please visit here for additional support with your Titan remote control.