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With unlimited long distance calling, you'll never have to worry about going over your minutes. We offer plans for your basic home phone, or packages with long distance included at no additional charge.

International Long Distance Calling

Call up to 200 countries worldwide, all with the local provider you trust. International Long Distance from Cincinnati Bell gives you direct dialed calls to up to 200 countries worldwide with rates as low a 6¢ per minute! Get convenient billing along with your other Cincinnati Bell services.

Universal I

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Universal I adds international long distance calling to your home phone with no monthly fee. Call more than 200 countries worldwide. Each country's per minute rate applies.

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Universal III

$ 5 00
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Never be overcharged when calling overseas. Let our Universal III Rate Plans save you up to 80% on international rates, all for only $5 a month. Does not apply to calls made from your Cincinnati Bell wireless phone.

Why overpay when you call overseas? With our Universal III rate plan, you can save up to 80% on all international calls made from your home phone. For just $5 a month - plus the country's per-minute rate - you'll have the freedom to call more than 200 countries.

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International 1000

$ 19 99
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Hola, one low price. Bonjour, plenty of minutes. Guten Tag, monthly savings. In any language, the 1000 Minute Plan means you'll get an amazing value on international calls made from your home phone!

Just $19.99/month -- that's just as little as 2¢/minute (when you use all of your monthly minutes)

Talk for 1000 minutes each month to landline numbers in over 50 countries, including: Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Russia, Spain and United Kingdom.

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  • For each International minute over 1000 per bill period, Cincinnati Bell will charge Universal III rates

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