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Enhance your online and home computer experience
These enhanced services optimize your home computer experience with wireless mobility, security, storage and 24/7 access to technical support.

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Internet Security

PC Support Experts Available 24/7

Cincinnati Bell Premium Technical Support offers highly trained PC support expert available 24/7 to solve hundreds of PC problems, like virus removal, software support, driver installation, and much more. We also support both Mac and PC as well as phones, cameras, printers, and other devices.

What you get

  • Peace of mind that your home computer and other connected devices will run smoothly!
  • Personal, easy-to-understand one-on-one support that you can trust.
  • Assurance that Premium Technical Support is not outsourced overseas.
  • No more dragging your PC into a shop or waiting around for a technician to show up. Premium Technical Support will access your computer over your Internet connection and resolve problems in front of your eyes when you need service.

Simply call 1-877-452-9034 to get started with an expert Premium Technical Support technician.

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