CB Rewards

CB Rewards is our new Cincinnati Bell rewards program, providing residential account customers the opportunity to earn rewards and receive special offers.


To explore and use CB Rewards, simply log into your account and visit the CB Rewards tab. This tab can be found by logging in online or through the My CB app. In this tab, you can see your rewards portal which will provide a complete breakdown of your rewards. 

Additionally, you can see: 

  • Reward eligibility
  • Points available and points redeemed
  • First bill and anniversary bill date
  • Services available for monthly rewards when accessed

Reward Types

There are multiple different ways to use your points


Auctions give you the opportunity to bid on a particular item. Each item on auction carries an allotted auction time. The highest bid at the end of the auction time will be rewarded the item.


Sweepstakes gives the customer the opportunity to use rewards to purchase a change to win a contest. Each entry will carry a point value.

CB Shop
CB Shop

CB Shop gives you the opportunity to use rewards to purchase an item. Reward points used for an item are deduced from your account in exchange for the item.