Thank You for your Service.

At Cincinnati Bell, we honor and respect those who have bravely served our country. 
As of Veteran's Day 2019, Cincinnati Bell will be offering a monthly discount to all active duty and military veterans- just visit a Cincinnati Bell Retail location.



Wear your Support

Home is where the heart is, which is why we've partnered with My State Threads to create t-shirts that showcase the unique people and attractions our beautiful city has to offer.

Get this limited edition Military Home shirt today. 100% of the proceeds will go to the USO of Central and Southern Ohio. 

Home military shirt
Maragret Hocker

Meet A Veteran

Maragret Hocker

U.S. Navy: 2002-2006
Contract Specialist for the CBTS Legal team

"9/11 was my senior year of high school and recruitment was high. I was approached and told that not only could I serve something bigger than myself, they’d even help pay for school. I didn’t want my parents to have to help me figure that out while I had a sick grandmother living with us so I selected the Rate (job) of Information Systems Technician and certainly 'Accelerated my Life'."

Military Discount - Frequestly Asked Questions  

  • Who is eligible?
    • U.S. Active Duty, Veterans, Retirees, National Guard and Reservists will receive a monthly $5.00 discount
      • Navy, Army, Marine Corp, Coast Guard, Air Force
  • What products/services does it apply to?
    • Any products or services on your Cincinnati Bell bill. It will be applied to the final balance of your monthly bill, but will not result in an overage credit.
  • What if I have other promotions or discounts on my account?
    • Keep them! You are eligible to have multiple discounts and promotions on your account and still have a military discount.
  • How do I get the discount applied to my account?
    • Visit any Cincinnati Bell retail store with proof of military service (CAC Card, DD214 (with picture ID), Veteran’s ID, or Driver’s License with military service indicator.
    • The Cincinnati Bell account name must match the name of the service member.
  • Will I ever lose my military Discount?
    • As long as the account name matches the service members name and the account is active, the discount will remain on the account.
  • Do you store any of my military/personal information?
    • No.
  • Can I use my military discount for a family member's account?
    • No. The account must be in the service members’ name.
  • Can I use my discount to apply towards my Cincinnati Bell business account?
    • At this time, the discount is only eligible for residential accounts. We are evaluating ways to possibly apply similar discounts to business accounts in the future.
  • Why is the discount only applied to military members and not police, EMT, teachers, etc?
    • At this time, we are extending this offer to active and retired military members but we are taking other discounts into consideration and further evaluation of ways we can show our appreciation to other public service industries.