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250 Mbps Internet + Premier Whole Home Wi-Fi now available with Google Wifi & YouTube TV

Starting at $6199 Per month for 24 months
  • Available with Google Wifi Equipment
  • Recommended for 10+ devices simultaneously
  • Includes the Premier Internet upgrade
  • Available with Google Wifi Equipment

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250 Mbps Internet + Fioptics Basic TV
+ Premier Whole Home Wi-Fi

Starting at
$7199 Per month for 12 months
  • 55+ Fioptics TV channels | 15+ FREE HD
  • TV Everywhere Streaming Apps
  • Includes the Premier Internet Upgrade
  • Free HD boxes for additional TVs in your home after initial box lease

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250 Mbps Internet + MyWay TV + Premier Whole Home Wi-Fi


Starting at $9199 Per month for 12 months
  • Recommended for 15+ devices simultaneously
  • Includes MyWay TV
  • Includes the Premier Internet upgrade

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Fully Loaded Bundle

Get everything you need to stay entertained with 1 Gig Fioptics Internet, Premier Whole-Home Wi-Fi, and HBO Max for one price. 

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Evolve your Internet with Premier

Get Internet everywhere you need and more. Enjoy Whole-Home Wi-Fi, your wireless gateway, Repair Protection and Internet Security with Password Manager.


Whole Home Wi-Fi

Let us focus on your Wi-Fi connection so you can focus on connecting with what matters most.

It begins with our highly trained technician performing an on-site assessment of your residence.  We'll provide and install the best wireless router we have to offer.  No more worrying about how to setup your router. Once your wireless Internet network is setup, your technician will make sure there is
Wi-Fi coverage in every room of your house, making sure your home is completely covered and connected.

Long after the technician is gone, you'll have access to Wi-Fi Care - 24/7 ongoing, dedicated support for all devices connected to your home network. 

Support for devices, including: cell phones & tablets, gaming consoles, computers, and smart home devices. 


Network Defense 

Proactively blocks threats such as malware and phishing before they even hit your network for all your devices, including internet of things (IoT) such as Amazon devices, Ring, Google Nest, Sonos and any other devices connected to your network.


Coverage • Protection • Security • Support

This bundle includes Whole Home Wi-Fi, your wireless modem, Repair Protection and Internet Security. Everything else is just Internet. 
Starting at a $7 monthly upgrade​*

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Premier is an optional service. $7/month upgrade offer is a promotion for 36 months for new Internet customers with Premier for $16.99/month for 36 months, which is $7 more than Cincinnati Bell’s standard wireless gateway lease fee of $9.99/month.  Existing Internet customers can upgrade to Premier for $21.99/month.  Cincinnati Bell’s standard Wireless Gateway is required for Premier service.  Premier includes Internet Safeguard, Wirecare, Whole Home Radius Wi-Fi, and Wireless Gateway Lease. Restrictions may apply.