A member of the Field Ops team arrived to do an installation in late September. After finding out where the gentleman wanted his modem to go, they got to work outside running the drop.  Once finished, he was given his wireless information and the tech got to talking to him for a little while.  The gentleman is in his 30’s. He’s a veteran of the Army of 4 years and 10 months. He was discharged from the army due to a brain injury and degenerative disc disease. He has severe memory loss and was homeless for 6 years before moving into this apartment that the government has helped him with. He’s gone to different organizations for help and no one has anything. Luckily the government was able to help put a roof over his head!
This brave gentleman has nothing, two loafs of bread and a sleeping bag was all. This member of the Field Ops team got with his team to try and help this fine gentleman. So far, a member of the team is giving him a couch and matching love seat which was dropped off with breakfast from Bob Evans. Another member of the team had a queen size bed for him, and another team member is giving him a bed spread along with some kitchen things.  An additional team member is giving him a TV, and yet still another teammate is giving him money for food. The rest of the guys on the team are all pitching in money or gift cards to help him out. This brave veteran, who risked his life for our country, just wants a fresh start. He can’t do it alone, so we have his back!
- as told by a member of the Field Ops team