Music lovers packed Washington Park on June 25, 2017 as Over the Rhine performed to support the 2017 United Way of Greater Cincinnati fund raising campaign.

More than 600 individuals pre-registered in advance of the concert, which also featured opening act Peter Mulvey. Many of the 600 individuals who pre-registered also added additional attendees for event.

Cincinnati Bell was the presenting sponsor for the concert, dubbed "Over the Rhine: Live at Home." Other key sponsors included Cincinnati Center City Development Corp. (3CDC), INSP and Viacom.

See WCPO photo gallery of the event here.

Leigh Fox, Cincinnati Bell President and Chief Executive Officer, introduced the band and noted its strong connection to Cincinnati Bell. The band's 2017 single "Welcome Home" was featured in Cincinnati Bell's "Home" campaign, which launched earlier this year.

Rob Reifsnyder, president of United Way of Greater Cincinnati, also spoke and thanked Cincinnati Bell and its employees for the company's ongoing support of United Way, which is working to lift children and families out of poverty.

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