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Each year, Cincinnati Bell impacts hundreds of students at Robert A. Taft Information Technology High School through our tutoring, incentive awards, scholarship, and internship programs.

Recently, we asked our 2017 summer interns from Taft to write about their time at Cincinnati Bell, and the lessons they learned in our company.


Ramon Davis

IT Intern

My time at Cincinnati Bell has been great. Sometimes I don't want to leave! I work with probably the best team in the building. I've met some great people in the company which also helps my networking. While in the company, I've learned many new things including how to reset cellphones, how to set up desk phones for cubicles, and how to prepare modems to be used for the company's desktop phones. But most importantly, I've learned that the crew eats as a family at the same table for lunch most of the time! I love this job!


Stevontay Davis

Billing & Collections Intern

As an intern at Cincinnati Bell, I've learned that not being afraid to ask questions is very useful in adapting to a new environment. Taking on as much as you can is definitely something I believe every intern should aim for. This opens up doors for more learning opportunities, which should be the ultimate goal while interning. By doing this, you will show that you plan on being more than just an intern. Last but not least - and this is an obvious one - don't waste time, work hard, and make the most of the opportunity given to you.


Reco Gordon

NPEC Intern

In my time of being a CBT intern I have learned many interesting things about the company. Before working here as an intern, I didn't know what the company did. As I settled into my job, my team taught me things about Cincinnati Bell. One thing that fascinated me is how employees used to skate on the sidewalk along a long panel to connect people's phone calls. I'm also fascinated by changes CBT has undergone since it started doing business. The most important thing I learned is the importance of my job.


Kyaca Hatcher

Accounts Payable Intern

Throughout my short time working for the company I've been able to gain the hands-on experience of the material that's covered inside the classroom. Inside the classroom we are taught that you must pay great attention to detail, and you must have integrity at all times. Now that I've been able to gain this experience in the "Accounting World," I see why things are the way that they are. My internship has been awesome and I look forward to returning to Cincinnati Bell for another summer!


Hadiza Sekou

Call Center Operations Intern

Throughout my time at Cincinnati Bell I have learned a lot. One thing that stands out to me and might sound a little bit cliché is the importance of teamwork. Every single day I come to work, I see everyone working on something different, but all to reach the same exact goal. Everyone is working together, scheduling meetings, and effectively communicating to get things done. In conclusion, you can say that I learned that teamwork and having a good team of reliable people is essential when reaching an ultimate goal.


Nne Jike-Wai

Marketing Intern

Being here has been a learning experience for me because this is my first job. On my first day here, I was very nervous because I didn't know what to expect. After a week here, that nervousness mostly went away because I learned how people interact with each other in this environment. Communication is very important here. Whenever people have problems they contact someone who can help them solve the problems. This internship has shown me the importance of communication and has strengthened my abilities to work with people.