How it Works

It's simple and easy. When you select Cincinnati Bell Energy for your electricity or natural gas supply, you'll still receive the same delivery, service, maintenance, and even the same bill from Duke Energy. The only difference you'll see is a fixed rate.

How it Works

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*Cincinnati Bell Energy’s (“CBE”) 12-month fixed rate is 5% less than Duke’s published Price to Compare (“PTC”) supply rate available at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio’s Apples to Apples Comparison Chart.  For electric supply, CBE’s 12-month fixed rate offer is 5% less than Duke’s current PTC.  For gas supply, CBE’s 12-month fixed rate offer is 5% less than Duke’s prior month’s PTC.  CBE updates its fixed rates within 3 business days of the beginning of the month to conform with any recent changes to Duke’s PTC. Please note that Duke’s PTC is subject to change, however, your CBE fixed rate will remain constant through your contract term, subject to CBE’s terms and conditions of service.  As a result, your CBE fixed rate may portion of your bill only, and does not include taxes or other fees. You will continue to incur service and delivery charges from Duke Energy. There are no further price guarantees after the first 12 months. CBE is licensed by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to offer and supply competitive electric retail service (Certificate #13-630E(4)) & natural gas retail service (Certificate # 11-218G(5)). CINCINNATI BELL ENERGY USES THE CINCINNATI BELL ENERGY NAME UNDER A LICENSE AGREEMENT WITH CINCINNATI BELL INC.

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