Cincinnati Bell Energy is proud to offer our customers an affordable and simple alternative to electricity, which is also better for the environment. Cincinnati Bell Energy's electricity meets the industry's highest standards for renewable products, enabling energy consumers to reduce their negative environmental impact, and promote sustainable energy solutions.

By choosing one of our energy rate plans below, you will instantly and easily see a difference on your monthly electric costs and can feel better about the positive impact you are having on the environment.


Electric Rates

Save 10% on the supply portion of your energy bill!*
No termination fees. No enrollment fees. No disruption in service. Cancel at any time.
100% Renewable sourced by National Wind that exceeds all state and local standards

Cincinnati Bell Energy Rate
$0.0511 kWh
10% energy savings compared to your local utility – Guaranteed for 12 months.
Duke Energy Base Rate
$0.0568 kWh (can change at any time)