One simple choice to save

Choosing an energy supplier is simple. When you select Cincinnati Bell Energy for your electricity or natural gas supply, you'll still receive the same delivery, service, maintenance, even the same bill from Duke Energy. Nothing changes except you'll see our name on the supply portion of your bill. Plus, we have committed to making a difference in the environment by providing 100% wind power, so when you switch your electricity to Cincinnati Bell Energy you can feel great knowing you are helping to make an impact.

About Deregulation

In the past, customers had only one option when it came to energy - the local utility company. The deregulation of the energy industry allows independent energy suppliers to provide consumers with the same reliable electricity or natural gas service they've always received, but at a lower, more affordable rate. The end result is increased competition among suppliers, and better options for consumers.

Under deregulation, your energy service, including natural gas and electricity, is broken down into separate portions, delivery and supply, that can be provided by different companies.

Delivery of the energy to your home as well as all necessary service is still provided by your local utility, making it possible for you to have safe and reliable natural gas and electricity service in your home. Duke Energy will still read your meter, service your home in times of power outages, maintain your power lines and provide you with one simple bill.

Supply of your energy can now come from a competitive supplier like Cincinnati Bell Energy who provides the power you use to the "grid". Independent suppliers are licensed by state and federal agencies and are not in competition with the local utility.

Consumers Benefit

Deregulation means you can shop around to find the product that's best for you and your needs, so why wouldn't you make the choice that saves you money? By choosing Cincinnati Bell Energy, you can make a difference for your family and the environment.


Take advantage of energy savings when you sign up with Cincinnati Bell! Just tell your sales representative that you want Cincinnati Bell Energy along with your other services. Enroll in just minutes online or by phone, and in 1 to 2 billing cycles you will see Cincinnati Bell Energy on your Duke Energy bill. It's that easy. Start saving today. This service is available for ALL current and future Cincinnati Bell customers that are using Duke Energy as their utility company. Enroll today.