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HomePak Reach

Unlimited Local Calling
Unlimited Long Distance
  • Unlimited domestic long distance plus international calling to Canada and Mexico
  • Includes all the popular calling features you need, such as Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Return
  • Make calls even when the power is out**
  • Switch and keep your existing phone number
  • Works with home security systems
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Wire Care is Here

Enjoy peace of mind with Wire Care, our home maintenance plan that covers repairs on qualified phone wiring and jacks inside your home!

Wire Care covers inside wire that provides basic voice grade service, repairs to loose connections or broken jacks, any ADSL related wiring needed, and much more.

Wire Care also covers:

  • Repairs to jacks and wiring that worked prior to the establishment of Wire Care service
  • Repairs necessary to outside jacks and wire runs behind the Network Interface
  • Video/Coax wiring

All the calling features you need

Features designed to keep you in control of every call.

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Find the home telephone that's right for you.

Stay connected even when the power is out.

Make calls during a power outage with battery backup.

Fioptics voice services require electrical power at your home to operate. Battery backup is available to power voice services during a power outage, but it will not power cordless phones or other electrical equipment that require power directly from an electrical outlet.**

BATTERY BACKUP POLICY** Cincinnati Bell’s battery backup solution is available for a one-time charge of $99.99 which includes a one year warranty for normal wear and tear. If you do not purchase this option, be aware that during an electrical outage, your home phone service including calls to 911, security systems and medical monitoring devices reliant on home phone service will not work. Cincinnati Bell’s battery back-up solution will not power cordless telephones/handsets. The battery will provide home phone service for up to eight hours during a power outage. It will not back up your Internet or TV service (if applicable). This does not include talk-time, so if you make a call(s) during a power outage, it could last less than eight hours depending on how long your call(s) last. Cincinnati Bell recommends you only make emergency calls for this reason during a power outage. The estimated life of the battery is three to five years depending on how often the power goes out and battery condition and age. A red indicator light on the unit will designate when it needs replacing. It can be replaced by ordering a new 12 Volt 7 to 8 AMP battery online (e.g. Amazon) or visiting an appropriate retail location (e.g. Batteries & Bulbs). Online pricing can range from $12 to $40. Cincinnati Bell can also come to your residence and replace the battery for $99.99. More information including detailed instructions on how to replace a battery, acceptable battery types, and disposal can be found at *Battery Back-Up is only available for Fiber to the Home phone (voice) service customers. Copper based and multi-dwelling unit (i.e. apartments) customers’ home phone service is automatically backed up during power outages. If you are interested in Battery Back-Up, after you place your online order, please call (513) 565-2210 or use Cincinnati Bell’s Chat Service to have it added to your order.