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Frequently Asked Questions


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Is there a warranty on the battery if it is installed by Cincinnati Bell?

Yes. If Cincinnati Bell installed the battery for $99.99, there is a one-year warranty covering parts and labor. For repair, you can call (513) 566-4101.

How does Cincinnati Bell Telephone’s Battery Back-up unit (BBU) work?

Fioptics (Fiber to the Home) service requires an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) that uses electrical power. The ONT is a media converter that is installed by Cincinnati Bell during your Fioptics installation. The ONT that is installed will convert fiber-optic light signals to copper/electric signals to deliver you phone, Internet and TV service. If the ONT loses electrical power, as in the case of an electrical power outage, service will be in-operable. The ONT is capable of battery back-up that can power only voice service for up to 8 hours.

If purchased, a Cincinnati Bell Technician will install a BBU with a battery inside wired in close proximity to the ONT. ONT installation locations vary depending on customer requirements and home layout but are generally located in basements, garages, or other areas of the home.

Why would a Fioptics (Fiber to the Home only) customer want a battery back-up (BBU) solution?

Customers who rely on home phone service to ‘always’ work may want to consider adding a BBU option for the rare occasions of electrical power loss. It is important to keep in mind that the battery will not power cordless phone handsets. Thus, since the majority of customers today use cordless handsets, a battery solution will not allow a cordless handset to make phone calls. Also, since most people have wireless/cellular phones, having their home phone work during electrical outages is not as important as it was in a pre-wireless era, say to call 911.

What does Cincinnati Bell charge for Battery Back-up (BBU)?

Cincinnati Bell Telephone charges a one-time fee of $99.99* whether the BBU solution is installed during initial service installation or at a later date. This includes installation of the BBU and includes the battery. This charge also applies if Cincinnati Bell comes out to replace a battery.

How long will the battery backup home phone service?

Eight hours. The 8 hours is stand-by time meaning if you make a phone call while the battery is in use, depending on the length of the call(s), age of the battery, number of power outages, and other factors, it might last less than 8 hours. Cincinnati Bell recommends a customer only makes emergency calls during a power outage.

How do I change my Battery on my Battery Back-Up (BBU) Device?

Under normal conditions the batteries used in the Fioptics BBU have a lifespan of about 3 – 5 years. A light on the BBU will illuminate when the battery needs to be replaced. On some models, an audible alarm (similar to the alarm on a smoke detector) will also notify you when the battery needs to be replaced. For a $99.99 fee, Cincinnati Bell can schedule an appointment (call 513-566-4101) to have one of our expert service technicians replace the battery. However, customers can change the battery themselves and save the cost of the service call.

The battery model used in the BBU is a standard GS Portalac PX12072 or the GS Goldtop GT12080-HG. This is a 12 volt 7Ah alarm battery with standard .25 tab connecting terminals. A replacement can be found on such shopping sites as eBay and Amazon and at several local retailers like Battery & Bulbs. By doing a simple web search for a “PX12072” battery, a search engine should return several batteries from different manufacturers ranging in price from $11.00 up to $40.00. CBT recommends using the GS Portalac PX12072 or the GS Goldtop GT12080-HG.

The following DIY guide lists the steps involved in changing the battery in the BBU. First, identify the type of unit installed at your premises from the choices below and then follow the instructions.

Cincinnati Bell Telephone utilizes three different manufacturers for its BBU; Delta, CyberPower, and Alpha (outdoor unit).

(If you are in an apartment or condo complex, a BBU solution was most likely already installed supporting multiple units in a utility closet or outside of the complex. If you find that during a power outage you no longer have voice service and require a battery change, you will have to call Cincinnati Bell Telephone as there is no way for a tenant/condo owner to do it themselves due to the inability to tell which battery backs up which apartment/condo. This may require a landlord to call. There is a mandatory $99.99 charge for this visit. Remember, cordless phones will not work no matter if a Battery Back Up is installed or not.)


When the battery goes bad on the backup device, a Replace Battery light illuminates.

Open the battery compartment cover on the battery backup device. Depress the small textured area on the bottom of the lid while pulling it away from the housing.


Next, release the hook-n-loop strap. Be careful to make sure the battery doesn’t fall out! The battery is heavy and can cause damage or injury if it falls out.


Grasping the battery with one hand, carefully remove the red and black wires from the battery terminals by pulling firmly on them with your other hand.


When the battery is disconnected, the Missing Battery light illuminates.


Holding the new battery, reconnect the red and black wires. The battery terminals are color coded, so just match the red wire to the red terminal and the black wire to the black terminal.


Carefully place the battery back inside the enclosure and replace the hook-n-loop strap.


Finally, replace the battery compartment cover. The Missing Battery and Replace Battery lights should now go out within 15 minutes.



Locate the CyberPower battery backup unit. It is generally located within 6 feet of the ONT within the interior of the home.The battery light will be RED when the battery is missing or needs to be replaced.

Battery_Backup_CyberPower_1a.jpg Battery_Backup_CyberPower_1b.jpg

Depress the recessed tab on the backside of the backup, and begin sliding the access cover downward, to remove cover.


Continue to slide the access cover until it is completely separated from the battery backup housing.


Slide the battery partially out of the battery backup enclosure and disconnect the red and black battery connection wires. Remove the old battery completely from the housing.


To install the new battery, partially slide the battery into the housing, make sure to connect the red (+) and black (-) battery terminal wires to the red and black marked tabs of the battery.


With the battery terminal wires connected, slide the battery fully into the housing oriented as shown.


With the new battery fully inserted into the housing, replace the access cover and slide up, until the cover clicks into place. The RED battery light will go out within 15 minutes.



In rare occasions, Cincinnati Bell might have installed your ONT and thus your Battery Back UP unit on the outside of your home. The Alpha Battery Back-Up Unit is an indoor/outdoor unit able to withstand weather elements. Thus, with the Alpha, in order to view the red indicator light showing a ‘dead’ battery, the cover of the Battery Back Up unit must be removed first.

Locate the Alpha Flexpoint BBPS (Batter Backup Power Supply). It is generally located within 10 feet of the ONT location, and may be either inside the home or on the exterior.


Locate the screw located in the lower right hand corner of the battery access cover. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, turn the screw counter-clockwise to completely loosen the screw. Open the battery access cover by grasping the cover near the screw and open towards the hinges on the left hand side.Inside the RED led light will be on solid to indicate a bad battery, or blinking to indicate a low battery.


Loosen the hook and loop fastener by gently pulling it loose from the right side, and then pass the loose end through the plastic loop.

Battery_Backup_Alpha_3a.png Battery_Backup_Alpha_3b.png Battery_Backup_Alpha_3c.jpg

With the battery removed from the enclosure, gently pull the black and red connectors away from the battery terminals to disconnect the battery.


To re-connect a new battery, slide the connector attached to the black wire onto the black(-) battery terminal, and slide the connector attached to the red wire onto the red (+) battery terminal.


Insert the battery into the housing, with the terminal connections placed up and to the right side of the enclosure (as shown in the picture above). Pass the end of the hoop and loop fastener through the plastic loop, and pull the fastener tight. Attach the hook and loop fastener by pressing it tightly together.


Close the door of the battery backup enclosure, and secure by turning the screw in a clockwise direction until tightened. Be sure rubber door seal is in place if your unit is outside.


How do I properly dispose of my old battery?

Battery disposal standards and requirements vary by state. If you need to replace the sealed lead-acid battery in your backup unit, please check with the following Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) resources for proper disposal instructions:
  • Visit or call the EPA directly at 1-202-272-0167
Most any battery retailer will accept and dispose of old batteries. This includes, but is not limited to (Cincinnati Bell recommends you call the retailer first to verify their disposal capability):
  • Batteries Plus
  • AutoZone
  • Advance Auto
  • Pep Boys
  • O’Reilly’s Auto Parts
  • A searchable, comprehensive list of recycling locations can be found at .
  • Do not dispose of the battery in the trash or in a fire.
Battery handling and precautions:
  • Do not lay any type of metal object on or across the battery terminals as this will short the battery and create a risk of explosion.
  • Store batteries in a cool dry place (40°F to 90°F)
  • Transport batteries with the terminals protected and insulated from contact with other metallic materials.
  • Keep batteries out of reach of children.
  • Never smoke or have open flame in the vicinity of a battery.
  • Wear protective eyewear when working with batteries.
  • If the case of the battery gets cracked or broken, handle with gloves, place in a heavy duty plastic zip-lock bag and dispose of immediately at a recycling location. Do not keep a damaged battery in your home or store in your vehicle. Transport immediately.
  • Do not get the battery wet, keep dry.
  • Battery may explode if charged inappropriately or used in equipment for which it was not intended.
  • Batteries giving off a rotten-egg smell should be disconnected immediately and disposed of at a recycling location. Handle with gloves if any fluid is present.
  • Batteries that are hot (above 120°F) should be disconnected immediately. Have the Battery Back Up unit checked for proper operation and dispose of the battery accordingly. Handle with gloves.

For Lebanon Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would a customer want a battery back-up solution (Lebanon customers only)?

If you rely on your home phone as your primary means of reaching 911 emergency services you should consider back-up. Also, customers who rely on home phone service to ‘always’ work may want to consider adding a battery option keep these devices operational during an electrical power outage. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the battery will not power cordless phone handsets since they require power directly from an electrical outlet. Most Cincinnati Bell customers in Lebanon already receive a battery back-up solution at the time of installation.

How can I tell whether the battery for my Home Phone modem (MTA) needs to be replaced (Lebanon customers only)?

You can check your battery for your Home Phone modem, also known as a MTA, by checking the battery indicator light while the MTA is plugged in. To check the battery indicator with the MTA plugged in, find the indicator light on the front of the MTA labeled Battery.
  • If the light is solid, the battery is good.
  • If the light flashes, the battery is bad or low.
  • If the light is off, the battery is not installed.

Where can I get a replacement battery for my MTA (Lebanon customers only)?

You can call Cincinnati Bell and for a one-time charge of $99.99 one of service technicians will come out and replace the battery. Or, you can order the battery online by searching for your MTA model and battery. Your MTA takes a Lithium-Ion battery. For example, in a search engine, type in “Arris TM822G (or the model of your MTA) Battery” and a number of purchase options will be provided through sites such as EBay and Amazon. Cincinnati Bell has seen the online cost range between $6.50 and $11.00.


How long will the battery backup home phone service (Lebanon customers only)?

The battery provides 8 hours of stand-by power. The actual amount of talk time will be less and will be impacted by various factors, including but not limited to the length of the call(s) you place while the battery is in use, age of the battery, and number of power outages. Cincinnati Bell recommends a customer only make emergency calls during a power outage in order to conserve battery power. The battery will only back-up home phone service.

How do I replace the battery in an Arris TM822G, TG862G MTA (Lebanon customers only)?

This model of the Telephony Modem has the ability to provide battery backup in the event of a local power loss. The battery backup is not intended to take the place of AC power. Use this procedure to install and to replace the backup battery.
  1. Press down and pull back on the latch holding the battery door (on the bottom of the Telephony Modem). Pull the door toward you. Set the door aside in a safe place.

    CAUTION Risk of equipment damage improperly inserting the battery may damage the battery connector in the Telephony Modem. Carefully follow the instructions in the next step to avoid damage.
  2. Hold the battery pack so that the guides on the battery align with the slots on the Telephony Modem and slide the battery into the bay. The diagram on the left shows the proper orientation. Note: Batteries will not insert completely into the Telephony Modem if not oriented correctly. The battery should slide into the bay without significant force. Line up the guides on the battery with the slots in the battery bay.
  3. Push the battery pack into the bay until it seats into place. If you are taking the battery out of the Telephony Modem, position your finger in the battery opening area and use leverage to dislodge the battery while pulling it straight back. Note: The Telephony Modem will not begin operating until you apply AC power.
  4. Replace the door. To do so, place the hinge tabs of the battery door into the receiver slots inside the Telephony Modem battery compartment on the opposite end of the battery opening slot. Rotate the door toward the unit until the latch snaps back into place.
Lebanon_Question_5a.png  Lebanon_Question_5b.png

Note: Telephony Modems use a Lithium-Ion battery pack. Please recycle or dispose of the battery responsibly and in accordance with local ordinances.

How do I replace the battery in an Arris TM608 MTA (Lebanon customers only)?

The TM608 has a battery bay in the front panel. You can install a battery in the bay to provide power to the TM608 in case of an AC power outage. Follow these steps to install the backup battery.
  1. Pull the battery door latch toward the center of the Telephony Modem and remove the battery door. Set the battery door aside. 
  2. If necessary, remove the existing battery. Some batteries have a pull strap as shown in the example below.
  3. Insert the backup battery as shown below. Depending on the battery capacity, the actual battery may differ from that shown. 
  4. Replace the battery door:
    • Insert the battery door tab into the slot in the right side of the battery bay.
    • Swing the battery door closed and press gently until it latches

How do I replace the battery in a Motorola SBV5322, SBV5222, or SBV5220 MTA (Lebanon customers only)?
  1. Place the SBV5322, SBV5222, or SBV5220 on its side and remove the battery cover on the bottom.
  2. Slide the battery into the battery compartment until it is fully seated. The battery is keyed so it cannot be installed incorrectly. Make sure that the pull-tab on the battery is accessible and does not prevent the battery cover from closing correctly.
  3. Re-install the battery cover with the locking tabs seated downward, and push the cover forward. It may take up to 12 hours to reach full charge when:
    • When the battery is installed for the first time
    • When the battery is replaced
    • When the battery is fully discharged