How fast is your Internet?

Excessive buffering? Slow downloads? Missing your favorite shows because you can’t stream when and where you want? Use the Cincinnati Bell Speed Test to measure your Internet connection's speed in just four easy steps!

Use a wired connection rather than a wireless connection for best results. (Find out why.)

  1. Limit the amount of applications that are using an Internet connection on your device.
  2. Find the Ethernet connection on your computer and connect this to the modem/router's Ethernet port.
  3. Confirm all connections, including power and Enthernet, are tightly connected. Check for lights on the modem/router to verify.
Perform the test!
Your test will show your download and upload speed results.


What Impacts Wi-Fi Speeds?

Your Wi-Fi speed depends on several factors, such as the age of your computer or
other devices, each device’s wireless standards, distance from your modem/router,
the number of devices connected at once, interference from other electrical
equipment/devices, interference from your neighbor’s home network, and objects
in the way.

Quick Tip: 
If your neighbors can access your Wi-Fi, they are using your speed too. Secure and password-protect your Wi-Fi signal.

Router Location

Your wireless modem/router's location can greatly determine your coverage area
and the strength of your signal. The placement of your modem/router is
determined by the technician at the time of installation. Other factors such as
the size and construction of your home along with items in the home can impact the
strength of your signal. In addition, eero (home Wi-Fi system) is a great product that can help
boost your Wi-Fi, and provide coverage to every square foot in your home.

Minimize Device Connections

Try to minimize simultaneous wireless devices Internet connections.

Multiple devices connected simultaneously to the Wi-Fi router will slow down Internet speeds for all devices. Example: if one device is streaming Netflix at the same time another device
is downloading music files, the wireless Internet speeds for both devices will be slower.

A Wired Connection is the Fastest

When you think about your Internet speed and the speed tier that you have
purchased from Cincinnati Bell, you need to consider some factors which allow
for the best performance.

When running a speed test, use a wired connection to your computer or device by
connecting an Ethernet cable directly to the modem/router's Ethernet port. A wired
connection will always return the true speeds your network can deliver. While Wi-Fi has
become the common connection of choice for most, it can have flaws which impact your
signal strength and speeds.

Maximize your Internet Speed

For tips on making the most of your Internet speed, download our Speed Test brochure


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