How we’re preparing to handle business during the pandemic:

  • The practices we have put in place are in line with the guidance shared by the CDC and government health officials around the world
  • Social distancing of critical employees across separate buildings
  • Network redundancy and backup of our communications infrastructure and network operations
  • Enabling work from home for many employees by equipping them to safely support customers remotely, leveraging our communication and cloud technologies
  • Our Safety and Support teams have begun to distribute kits with gloves, disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizer to all of our field technicians. We are working very hard to procure additional supplies, but facing local and nationwide shortages. We will continue to deploy them to our technicians as soon as they are available. At this time, masks are not available and per CDC recommendations, health workers and first responders are the priority recipients for masks at this time.
  • We have implemented a health screening pre-survey qualification for all on-premise technician visits. With the current state of emergency due to Coronavirus, we want to minimize the risk to both our employees and our customers while continuing to provide the best possible customer service. In keeping with that goal, we are asking customers who have anyone living or working on the premises who is experiencing respiratory symptoms to either call back in 2 weeks to schedule an appointment or allow us to schedule an appointment for 2-3 weeks from now.