We care about our customers, employees, vendors, community. What we’ve done so far:

  • The practices we have put in place are in line with the guidance shared by the CDC and government health officials around the world.
  • Implemented corporate and personal travel restrictions for employees and vendors, cancelled events, and deployed hand sanitizer to all office locations.
  • Enabled work from home for many employees by equipping them to safely support customers remotely, leveraging our communication and cloud technologies.
  • Established a business resiliency team to respond to inquiries from customers regarding our internal planning in response to this event.
  • Helped critical local organizations prepare for the situation with expanded Internet, communications and conferencing solutions to support unprecedented bandwidth demands and remote access needs for employees .
  • We extended the Keep Americans connected pledge through June 30th, to help support our customers. This support includes keeping Internet & phone services connected by extending payment terms and lifting our disconnect policy, and keeping Wi-Fi hot spots open to allow anyone to connect to the Internet. Starting July 1st, customers can contact our Financial Care department to setup a customized payment plan if they need assistance with arrangements.

What has changed with state-wide shelter-in-place orders?
As an essential business in our community providing communications and internet connections to consumers and businesses during this critical time, we continue to implement recommended precautions by government and health officials in order to keep our employees and the customers they are serving, safe. 
As a result of the most recent shelter in place orders, additional safety protocols have been implemented. 
Our Retail Stores have implemented the following additional safety measures: 

  • As local and federal guidelines for public safety change, we're updating our retail store policy. Starting July 9, customers are required to wear a face covering when visiting any of our retail stores. We will provide a mask for any customers needing one.
  • Limiting the number of customers who are in our stores at any one time. Signage at the front door will direct visitors to call for access.
  • Based on CDC recommendations, Social Distancing spaces of 6 feet have been marked to minimize exposure of customers and employees. 
Our Field Operations teams have also implemented additional safety measures including: 
  • Equipped technicians with hand sanitizers, wipes and nitrile gloves.   
  • Pre-health screening survey to determine if anyone in the household has been sick, had a fever or recently symptomatic. If so, appointments will be rescheduled 2-3 weeks out  
  • A review of steps taken with the customer, and a discussion about additional precautions if requested, up to and including washing hands multiple times throughout the appointment  
  • At the direction of the Governor’s office we are asking that as an additional measure to ensure the safety of our employees and customers, each employee whose duties involve in-person visits to customer premises are asked to take their temperature within 2 hours prior to the start of their work tour. If any sign of fever, they are to remain home and contact our Health Services dept., who will prescribe self-quarantine for the recommended 14 days if needed  
  • We are actively evaluating possible solutions that would further reduce time onsite or interaction between our technicians and customers. 

Our Financial Care Process
  • Cincinnati Bell signed the Keep Americans Connected pledge and temporarily extended payment terms and lifted our disconnect policy for unpaid balances on internet and phone services from May 12 – June 30th.
  • As we move past this date, we remain committed to helping those affected by COVID-19. You may be able to setup a payment arrangement on your personal or business internet, TV or phone service if you’ve been financially affected by COVID-19. Every customer’s case is different so please contact us so we can work with you on a customized solution by calling 1-800-875-9574.
  • If your income has been impacted by COVID-19, we can help you optimize your package to a different solution. If you have our television service and it is no longer the right fit for your budget, we have partnered with YouTube TV to offer streaming live TV at $64.99 per month, coupled with our 500 Mbps internet as low as $44.99. We value our customers and are committed to providing you with the latest products that fit your needs and budget.