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Experience TV like never before

Fioptics TV makes it easy to always find something to watch, in crystal clear HD. Record your favorite show or watch a program on demand. It's your call.

Crystal Clear HD

Create the theater experience at home. Fioptics delivers HD at its best over an upgraded fiber optic network. Experience locals, movies and sports all in a crystal-clear quality, feel like you have walked right into the program!

Local HD

Fioptics TV delivers HD access to the local channels you love.

Fioptics Whole-Home DVR

Record one time and watch it anywhere in your home! Watch record and delete programs from any room in your home. Record two programs at once while you watch a current program! Pause and rewind live TV or pause TV and resume it in another room. With Whole Home DVR, you won't miss a minute of the game! Watch, rewind, pause and pick it where you left off- from any room in your home!


Get control over your TV, watch your favorite show when it's convenient for you! With DVR from Fioptics TV you can:

  • Be sure to never miss a show!
  • Pause and rewind live TV! Feel free to answer the phone, get the pizza, without missing a moment of your favorite shows.
  • Record 2 shows at one time while watching something that you have previously recorded, if only everything in life could be this efficient.
  • Record the shows you like by genre, actor, and director or schedule to record an entire season of your favorite series.

On Demand

Save a trip to the video store by choosing from the variety of programs offered with Fioptics on Demand. Get the latest in movie titles, popular shows, sports and premium channels.

Fioptics TV offers thousands of on demand movies and shows every month. Be the first catch new releases, catch up on the classics, and entertain the kids with movies and more.

Free on Demand

Offers a variety of Music and the most popular channels, children's and news programming.

Movies on Demand

Catch all the new release in a wide variety of categories from Horror to Independent Films. Tune in to find special events, watch to win and En Espanol programming.

Sports on Demand

Tune in to catch the Golf Tournament on The Golf Channel that you missed last week. Experience NASCAR in a new way, when you want with Speed.

Premium on Demand

Showtime, Starz, HBO, Cinemax and The Movie Channel

Disney On Demand

Disney Channel celebrates kids and families. Watch Disney Channel for quality programming kids love and parents trust. Experience great live action shows, movies and animated series perfect for older kids and families.

One House Party, Coming Up

Catch your favorite music on your choice of 45 commercial-free music channels. From light classical to hip-hop classics, Fioptics music channels provide access to whatever you are in the mood to hear.

  • 300 Hit List
  • 301 Pop Rhythmic
  • 302 Dance/EDM
  • 303 MC University
  • 304 Hip-Hop and R&B
  • 305 Rap
  • 306 Hip-Hop Classics
  • 307 Throwback Jamz
  • 308 R&B Classics
  • 309 R&B Soul
  • 310 Gospel
  • 311 Reggae
  • 312 Rock
  • 313 Metal
  • 314 Alternative
  • 315 Adult Alternative
  • 316 Rock Hits
  • 317 Classic Rock
  • 318 Soft Rock
  • 319 Love Songs
  • 320 Pop Hits
  • 321 Party Favorites
  • 322 Teen
  • 323 Kidz Only
  • 324 Toddler Tunes
  • 325 Y2K
  • 326 90's
  • 327 80's
  • 328 70's
  • 329 Solid Gold Oldies
  • 330 Pop Country
  • 331 Today's Country
  • 332 Country Hits
  • 333 Classic Country
  • 334 Contemporary Christian
  • 335 Pop Latino
  • 336 Musica Urbana
  • 337 Mexicana
  • 338 Tropicales
  • 339 Romances
  • 340 Sounds of the Seasons
  • 341 Stage & Screen
  • 342 Soundscapes
  • 343 Smooth Jazz
  • 344 Jazz
  • 345 Blues

Fioptics Sports

From CBS Sports Net to Local sports with Fox Sports Ohio and Fox Sports South we've got you covered. For only $6.99 per month for 12 months (regular price $8.99) get:

  • NFL Red Zone
  • Fox Sports South (already included in Preferred TV and above for Kentucky)
  • Fox Sports Atlantic
  • Fox Sports Central
  • Fox Sports Pacific
  • Outdoor Channel
  • TVG
  • ESPN Classic
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TV the way you want it.

Get started today and see if Fioptics TV service is available in your area.

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