Cincinnati Bell connected devices

Partnering with the Leader in Cyber Security

We have partnered with cyber security leader F-Secure to provide award-winning protection for your smartphones, tablets and computers. 

With the Internet SafeGuard online security portal available via your My Cincinnati Bell account or in the My Cincinnati Bell App, you can easily: 

  • Share your protection with loved ones 
  • Set up Family Rules for your children's devices 
  • Install protection on new devices 
  • Peace of mind when banking online 

Family Rules

Protect children in the digital world with Family Rules. 

With Family Rules, it is easier than ever to protect your children while they browse, play, stream or socialize online. 

  • Remotley manage Family Rules from My Cincinnati Bell Account 
  • Inappropriate content is blocked automatically 
  • Ensure a proper bed time by setting an Internet curfew using the time limits feature
  • Scan apps for viruses and approve or block newly downloaded applications 
  • Finder allows you to extend your security to your child's location outside the home
  • Put numbers on a blacklist using the call blocking feature
Connected family
Banking protection

Banking Protection

Secure financial transactions while banking or shopping.

Make online purchases or financial transactions without worry that your money or credit card details will be stolen. 

  • Banners will pop up when you enter a safe banking site
  • All phishing sites and fake banking sites are automatically blocked
  • When banking sessions begin, all other processes are stopped if untrusted

Browsing Protection

Web pages are intercepted and their reputation is checked with Internet SafeGuard's browsing protection. This allows for the best browsing experience and access to only safe websites. 

  • Content filtering allowing any and all website content to be filtered in or out
  • Unsafe websites are automatically blocked
  • Reputation queries are ran to determine optimal performance
  • Blocks malicious IP addresses
Internet browsing protection
Password safeguard

Password SafeGuard

Securely store all of your usernames, passwords and credit card information using just one master password to access them all.  

Receive real-time alerts anytime a website you use has been hacked or your passwords may be at risk. 

  • Secure storage for all passwords, logins, email addresses, credit cards and more.
  • Automatically generate strong, unique passwords
  • Easily identify and update weak passwords
  • Sync password information on multiple devices to access anytime, anywhere
  • Import login information from other devices  

This promotional offer is for Cincinnati Bell’s Internet Safeguard.  The service is up to 5 devices, such as a computer or mobile device, after the promotional period of 60 days, pricing will revert to $5.99 a month and fractional charges may apply.  The customer must take action and download the service to be protected.  Certain restrictions apply, contact us for details. 

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